Student Testimonials

"White Line CDL Training will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. This is a top notch school, with excellent equipment and a very professional staff that takes the time to help if you have trouble in any situation. I believe I now have the knowledge and confidence needed to become a safe and successful trucker. Thank you!"
-David S.

"The training in this school was very good and I wouldn't change a thing about the training or the people who taught me."
-Mark G.

"I feel that I have had great training to be a safe and confident driver. I also feel that White Line CDL Training has given me the confidence to be a professional commercial driver and the opportunity to start a great career for my family and I. The class was professional, the instructors were helpful and patient, the equipment was great, and I suggest to anyone who wants a class A CDL to take this course. The atmosphere is great and the school goes above and beyond to get the job done."
-Kevin D.

"I feel that this school represents the trucking industry well and provides a solid base to launch your career from."
-Tim B.

"I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone wanting to get a CDL. It was obvious from the start that everyone was part of a team with one goal in mind - for me to get my CDL. I did... We were a successful team."
-Gene C.

"The instructors were very professional and helpful. I witnessed individual instructors take a one-on-one approach in helping students be themselves with understanding each segment in their education towards being a professional truck driver. This school offers an education that respects each individual in an environment that keeps the students' attention. The entire staff well exceeds in helping all students. With a will to help even beyond your training to put students on track and help people like me begin a new career."
-Keith C.