Institutional Mission   
Our mission is to educate future truck drivers in state and federal laws, requirements, rules that govern the industry, and safe driving practices.  Graduates will be qualified to take the state licensing exam for the operation of commercial motor vehicles..

Owner of the Institution   
White Line CDL Training is owned and operated by Justin Losson, who has over a decade of industry experience.  Justin has several years of experience operating large vehicles while in the military as well as developing and coordinating large scale training plans and programs. Justin's father Don started the company after recognizing the shortage of qualified commercial drivers and the need for training facilities in the state of Kansas. The Topeka location was opened in 2010 and the Manhattan, Flint Hills Job Corps, and Wichita locations were opened in 2017 and 2018 respectively.        

Description of Physical Space and Equipment   
White Line CDL Training Topeka is located at 3907 SW Burlingame Road, in Topeka Kansas.  Our location is conveniently located off I-470 and Burlingame in the Sport Zone Center next to the Kansas Department of Transportation Drivers License Office.  The teaching area is comprised of a large open classroom next to three offices.   A break room and restrooms are near by for the students to use.  Driving instruction is conducted on local streets and highways as well as a large gravel backing range behind the main building.  

White Line CDL Training Manhattan is located on the campus of the Flint Hills Job Corps. The teaching area is comprised of a large classroom with vending machines available and a restrooms near by. Driving instruction is conducted on local streets and highways as well as a gravel backing range off of 24 HWY. 

White Line CDL Wichita is located at 2626 South Rock Road, Suite 106 in Wichita Kansas. The teaching area is comprised of two large classrooms with an office dividing them. A break room and restroom is located at the back of the facility. Driving instruction is conducted on local roads and highways and a gravel backing ranged one mile south of the facility. 

Each location  owns and maintains late model over the road trucks for the student’ training.      

White Line CDL Training has met the approval of several major transportation companies and is constantly adding to the list of transportation companies looking to employ our graduates.  White Line CDL Training has been approved to operate as a private post-secondary institution by the Kansas Board of Regents.     

Nature of Training and Tuition Course: 
The Four Week Full Truck Driver Training Course's cost is $4,000.00. This cost includes books, supplies, and the cost of the DOT physical and UA.  
The Two Week Refresher Truck Driver Training Course's cost is $2,000.00. 

Other Costs: 
Student is responsible for costs of all licensing costs, including learning permits from the State of Kansas and the cost of the actual CDL license and any endorsements from the State of Kansas.      

The school requires the complete cost of the program be paid in full before the last week of class or final completion of the program.      

Requirements for Admission   
 Enrollment is open to any Kansas resident over the legal age of 18 who holds a valid Kansas driver’s license and can obtain a Kansas Commercial Drivers License Instructional Permit (CDL IP).  Applicants must be able to read, write and understand English as stated in the Federal law, and must be of good moral standing with no recent criminal convictions.  The Department of Transportation requires a DOT physical and UA which is done at the beginning of the class.      

Academic Calendar   
New classes begin every 4 weeks, excluding holidays. The program is four weeks in length, or after the successful completion of 160 hours of training. Classes begin at 8 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Students may make up missed class time on weekends if scheduled with the school in advance.  The first four days of the program the student will obtain their DOT physical and UA, study and test for instructional permits (IP).  The remainder of the program will consist of 2 to 4 hours of classroom study each day and 4 to 6 hours of driving.  Students will learn the skills of highway driving, backing and handling.  Presentations will be given by the Kansas Highway Patrol, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and several other organizations during the four week period.      

In this program the student will attend 80 hours of classroom training which will include presentations from the Department of Transportation, BNSF, learning the regulations required of federal motor carriers, how to accurately keep daily logs and become familiar with the equipment of the trade.  The driving training will be 80 hours in length and include range driving, defensive driving, basic road skills and backing skills.       

While this is a brief outline of the skills that will be taught, White Line CDL Training strives to teach professionalism.  We hope that no matter how many miles the student has driven after their graduation their actions will always reflect back on what the driving school has taught them. 

Institutional Rules  
The school may postpone the scheduled starting date of a program due to unplanned events, such as an act of God, illness of instructors, or lack of student count to justify a sufficient class enrollment.  The maximum period of delay depends on the degree of the situation.  The school refund policy will be adjusted accordingly to the incident at the time.     

The only case in which the nature of the school will change is dependent on the laws of the state that govern commercial drivers.  In which case the expenses will not affect the current enrollment in the program, but may affect the future classes as far as courses taught and cost of program.     

Grounds for termination from the program include the student knowingly giving false information on the application, contract or any other school document. If the student fails a drug test or physical required by Department of Transportation, or is involved in an illegal act while enrolled in school this will also be grounds for termination.      

Credit Hour Transfers   
There is no policy or use for credit hour transfers from other schools or programs.  Trucking schools do not carry transfer credits from other programs nor will you be able to transfer credit earned at this school to any college requiring credit hour transfers.       

Attendance Policy   
Attendance is also required to complete the required 160 hour program.  If the student is late two times the student will be verbally warned.  On the third time, the student will receive a written warning.  If the rule violation continues the student will be dismissed from the program.  Students are required to call in with sickness or personal issues, each incident be addressed by the school depending on the situation. If the student does not show and does not call one time the student will receive a written warning.  They will automatically be removed from the school for the second occurrence.  The school will try to work with each student to ensure their successful completion of the program, but will not interfere with the rights of other students.  Students are to show respect to the instructors, fellow students, and the general public.  Students are to arrive and depart when instructed by the instructors. 

Measurement of Students Progress   
Students will be scored in the classroom by test scores.  Instructors will provide instruction and grades on the driving range or during highway driving as the student progresses.  Completion of the course is done upon full completion of all classroom course work and passing of written tests.  The driving instructor will issue grades throughout the hands on driving training.  Final testing is when the student passes the State of Kansas CDL Driving test.      

Completion Requirements   
To successfully complete the program, the student must attend all classes, complete the classroom curriculum, and successfully meet the requirements set forth by the state of Kansas for commercial drivers.  Final testing for graduation and true completion of the program is done when the student takes and passes the state of Kansas CDL driving test.     
Upon successful completion of the program and passing the Kansas Department of Transportation’s CDL driving test the student will be awarded a certificate from White Line CDL showing their completion date in the program.      

Job Placement Services   
During the program, the school will have commercial trucking companies come to the school for recruitment purposes.  The school or instructors in no way guarantee employment to any student.  Students will be informed of companies that are hiring if the school has been informed of such opportunities.      

Tuition Refund and Cancellation Policies   
Before the start of class, the student may ask for and receive full refund of tuition paid to the school.  After the start of the class, refunds will be prorated as to the time spent at school, broken down by week.  If termination is due to rules violations, no refund is offered. In the case of extenuating circumstances the Director will consider.  Upon request, funds may be held if the student wants to reenter the program after legal or personal issues are resolved and re-qualifications are met.   

Grievance Policy   
The school encourages any student with a complaint to bring it to the attention of the director of the school as soon as possible. The school will try to resolve the problem through respectful communication and due process.  If the complainant is not satisfied with a successful outcome after the proceedings, the student may pursue the matter further by:  
  1. Student submits the problem in writing to the director of the school 
  2. Student may contact the Kansas Board of Regents, Private Postsecondary Department, 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 520, Topeka, KS  66612, or by calling 785-296-4917 and submitting their written complaint to the Board. 
Updated October 2018